Content Updates and Marketing Strategies





Gate One has managed website content updates for a variety of customers since 2002.

Gate One works as your partner in maintaining and marketing a sucessful website.

"During Fair Season we have a lot of time sensitive updates. Gate One has always responded quickly and made sure that important content goes up FAST! " Trish Lair, Eastern New Mexico State Fair


Content that requires scheduled updates is easily managed and outdated content quickly removed.

Gate One has taken care of huge range of client websites since 2002. References are available upon request.

"We often have updates to our site and Gate One is prompt in getting them done. They respond to our calls and emails quickly. They keep us informed of the latest technology coming down the pike in web design."" Tamara Davis, The Stove and Spa Store


Good communication is the key to a well managed website.

Gate One keeps appointments, returns calls, and answers emails.

We provided status updates as needed.

"Your prompt support for changes and updates has been great and is appreciated." Katina Watson, 12th Judical District
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Are maintenance contracts necessary?

It's been our experience that customers often come out ahead if they are charged on an as-needed basis for maintenance - only when actual work is done on their site. It seems that companies often believe they will do more updates than they actually do.

Monthly maintenance contracts only work to your benefit if you are sure you are going to have monthly maintenance.

If you want a maintenance contract, a good solution is for your web design company to work for three to four months on an as-needed basis. This will give them a realistic baseline for the amount of updates needed in a month's time. This helps insure that the monthly maintenance rate agreed on is fair to both you and the web design company.

"They were very responsive and have continued to provide good maintenance support." Mike Milczarek, Geo Systems Analysis
Tuscon, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hood River, Oregon