The specifics of your project will be discussed in detail at the consultation.
But in general terms the process for designing a new site goes something like this...


Interview designed to understand your business, customers, and the scope of your project.

Site Construction

Site design is submitted for your approval. Once approved, content is collected or created and your site is built.

Going Live

SEO work is completed, loose ends are tied up, and the your new site is uploaded to your hosting account.


The process if designing a new site is outlined above in general terms.

There are variables that might change things up a bit, but we outline everything up front in our free consultation

"Our new business website turned out great!! Robin was always so helpful and had so many great ideas! She was great at listening to what we really wanted and made it happen through an amazing website!!!."
Charlene Moore, Moore's RV Park

Website Maintenance

If you need maintenance services, your free consultation will be used to understand your business and and your site's backend configuration.

That information will be used to produce a proposal.

" Gate One manages both our online and print needs. They create content and keep our website current and interesting. Plus, they field all calls we get from marketers, boil it down, and give us the bottom line in English. They take a big load off my shoulders" Cindy Stagner, Maupin's Home Furniture